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Among Us VR received a new trailer

Get out your flashy suit and warm up your accusing finger because among us is coming to virtual reality. At today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, the team behind the social stealth song revealed an all-new trailer for the game, showing what players can expect when the game is finally released.

As we saw in the trailer, Among Us VR will prove to be a slightly different experience than its original form. Obviously, the biggest change is the necessary transition to first person, which provides a much more immersive experience, but deprives players of the wider field of view that a top-down perspective provides. This will undoubtedly make even the most popular levels feel claustrophobic and claustrophobic, even before the crook starts killing the crew.

The game does not currently have a firm release date, but the show’s host mentioned a “This Holiday” window in the main stream. This corresponds to the November 10 release date that was leaked earlier this month, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. However, chances are good that players will be able to repair the ship’s systems, kill the crew, and blame each other for skepticism in virtual reality before the end of the year.

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