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How to play Coin Master effectively

How to play Coin Master effectively? Get the highest results at work, by counting on exporting Spin & Coin, or spinning on Facebook. You will have roles to steal money, destroy your house, upgrade your house, upgrade your animals…

But in fact, it is not enough to play Coin Master more effectively. Each game will contain tips and Coin Master as well, to play Coin Master more effectively, you can see the article below.


How to send more than 5 cards in a Coin Master day

Players can deposit cards into Coin Master spin if they have additional cards. This number is limited to 5 cards per day, and this number cannot satisfy players when the sender also wants to receive support from other players.

To send more than 5 cards in Coin Master spin, you just need to change the date on your phone. With a difference of at least 24 hours, you can send 5 additional cards to players who need help and repeat them the next day. The second way is to remove the game and reload it, after reloading another 5 cards will be sent.

Touch two fingers when stealing gold

Every time the turn turns the face of the pig, many players are happy that it is about to have a deposit in the treasury. You’ll have 3 gold steals on 4 points at a friend’s house, and if unfortunately 1 of those 3 turns will get you a splash – no coin, let alone less money.

If you have interest, it will dig the last parachute for you, but if not, you can touch two fingers at the same time. You will get money in both chests, so remember to touch both chests at the same time. Because of this, many people have hidden their Coin Master friends.

Spin, also called spin, you have a lot of people who know how to play Coin Master spin before they know how to play Coin Master. Now you can get roles on groups, facebook fan page by making friends and invite friends to rotate. There are also apps and websites that have rotating links.

the bet

If you have multiple spins, you can bet or call bet to spin every 2 or 3 times. What you will get will also triple, excluding broken hammer friends houses. Spinning quantity, spinning count, shield…

Go to VIP

The more spins you have in your inventory, the more bets you can increase, for example, 10 x, x20, x40, x80, x100 or more, which are called Super Bet. Especially when flipping the face of the pig who stole the gold friends house. The amount of stolen gold will increase several times, if your turn is low, the Super Bet will not be played and you will only bet a maximum of 3 times.

Keep your animal awake

If you feed your pet, it will help you within 4 hours. If you feed him and you can’t play for 4 hours, that’s a waste. So, feed the pet if you can play long enough.

Another tip here is that everyone gets a free pet for 15 minutes every 24 hours. If you only have a few minutes to play, use this. Also, if it is available, it should be used when you can play longer. This will not cost your pet food.

Buy chests in different villages

You have to buy chests in a different village. Why is this because every village has different yellow and rare cards. If you don’t buy it, you won’t be able to get it when you are in the higher villages.

Many people believe that up to 1.5 billion gold coins should be spent just to purchase chests in each village. In some villages it is more important to stay and buy a chest a little longer than to go to the next village. Because there, you can find more rare yellow cards.

Unlike other online games, to become a VIP of Coin Master. You must be invited through Coin Master, there is no way to become active in Coin VIP. The only advice is that you have to spend real money in the game and level up quickly.

Join Coin Master groups on Facebook

If you are a new player, you can join the Coin Master fan page and groups on Facebook. You can ask questions to groups, fan pages, or to other people’s posts about your questions.

In addition, you will earn spinning turns and exchanging coins tokens in Coin Master for playing. So this social network will be a place where you can quickly enjoy Coin Master experience.

There are many Coin Coin accounts

There are many people who use a second Facebook account to play Coin Master, called secondary account. You can use this secondary account to get more yellow or rare cards, especially since they missed these cards in your main account.

For every second Coin Master account, of course you must have a second Facebook account. To switch between accounts, some players use the app version to get multiple versions of Coin Master and Facebook on the same device. Or simply log out of the main Coin Master account and log in to the secondary account.

Temporarily, there are some tips on playing Coin Master on this site to help you play Coin Master more effectively. If you know of any Coin Master tips that are not available yet, please help advertise by commenting below on this article.




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