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Download Solitaire Grand Harvest V1.112.0

Download Solitaire – Grand Harvest V 1.112.0


What is Solitaire – Grand Harvest?

If you are a fan of solitaire games and are looking for a unique adventure, Solitaire – Grand Harvest 1.112.0 is a super entertaining version of solitaire that challenges you to play against yourself and win in order to expand your farm (where you have to grow all kinds of vegetables!).

Explain how to play Solitaire – Grand Harvest 1.1112.0

The gameplay is very similar to all the other solitaire games so you have to collect different cards from the board using the cards you have left. In other words, you can only get rid of cards if you have a higher or lower number. For example, if your card has five on it, you can only get rid of it when you have four or six in your possession.

The cards will be divided in each level and you have to remember that the cards facing down may contain the item you want to keep your farm growing. You also have to pay attention to the cards you have on hand because you can use them in case you run out of possible combinations on the board. Either way, your ultimate goal is to solve a game of solitaire and make sure that no card is left on the board.

Features of Solitaire – Grand Harvest

As you continue to progress through the different levels and start earning money, you will start to unlock different locations of your farm where you can grow all kinds of vegetables that will bring you greater profits. Access to the different levels is not free, but you can earn money only by selling products or solving levels.

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Daily gifts in solitaire grand harvest

Solitaire 1.112.0 Update

– 125 amazing new levels!
– Grow new crops!
– Various improvements and bug fixes.
– Happy harvesting!

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