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Free and Fun Single Game Free Download 2022

Stand-alone games support offline play, so it is very suitable for us to kill time in the absence of a network environment, so which game is better to choose for stand-alone games free download 2022? Let’s share a complete list of free and fun stand-alone game downloads, and see if there are any stand-alone games suitable for us to play.

  1. “Subway Parkour”

A very classic parkour mobile game. In this game, we need to manipulate the direction of the character, avoid various roadblocks, and jump on the oncoming subway to get more coins and points. If you like parkour, download the game and experience it!


  1. “Defend the Carrot 3”

Defend Carrot 3 is a very classic tower defense game. In this game, we need to arrange various fruits and vegetables reasonably to resist the little monsters that invade us. The game screen is simple and beautiful, and the level of difficulty is increasing. I like tower defense. Friends of gameplay, hurry up and join the game to challenge!

  1. “Three Kingdoms Killing Mobile Edition”

The mobile version of Three Kingdoms not only has all the cards, characters, and various interesting modes of Three Kingdoms, but also supports online and stand-alone mode switching, so that we can normally experience interesting card duels in different environments! If you like it, click on the link and download “Three Kingdoms Killing Mobile” now!

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  1. “Hungry Shark: Evolution”

In this game, we will become a big shark, rambling on the bottom of the sea, swallowing everything, from the cubs to 10 tons of great white sharks, but in the later period we will interact with other sharks, submarines, and more. Weird deep-sea creatures fight, so everyone needs to be careful!




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