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Hack Unlimited Coins in Solitaire Grand Harvest

 Hack Unlimited Coins in Solitaire Grand Harvest  


Hack solitaire grand harvest game:

Hello my family, today I bring you a great way to hack Game solitaire grand harvest, this is how you will be able to get unlimited coins.

Explanation of getting unlimited coins:

1. The phone must be off the internet for the method to succeed.
2. Log in to the game and claim the HARVEST BOUNS gift that is available to you every hour.


3. When you get coins, exit the game and lock it.
4. Go to the time settings in the phone, an hour or more has been added.
5. Open the game and check the HARVEST BOUNS gift. You will find it has become available to you without the need to turn around. You have to repeat the method several times until you get the amount of coins you want.
You will get unlimited coins in the game Solitaire Grand Harvest Share the topic with your friends to take advantage of the method.

How To Get Unlimited Coins

You can download Game  


Daily gifts in solitaire grand harvest

How do you play Solitaire – Grand Harvest?

The gameplay is very similar to all other solitaire games in that you must collect different cards from the board using the cards you have remaining. To put it another way, you can only get rid of cards if you have a higher or lower number. For example, if your card has a value of five, you can only discard it if you have four or six in your possession.

The cards will be divided into levels, and you must keep in mind that the cards facing down may contain the item you need to keep your farm growing. You should also keep track of the cards you have on hand because you can use them if you run out of possible combinations on the board. In either case, your ultimate goal is to complete a solitaire game and ensure that no card is left on the board.

Solitaire – Grand Harvest Advantages

As you progress through the levels and begin to earn money, you will be able to unlock different areas of your farm where you can grow various vegetables that will increase your profits. Access to the various levels is not free, but the only way to make money is to sell products or solve levels.

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  1. PLEASE let me know if you get the answer to this?! Never even heard of locking a game, let alone on my phone.

  2. I really wish that this game would actually give more free Rewards. Most of the time when I click on the links above when it goes into the game itself it says I’ve already claimed this reward when I haven’t I don’t think that’s fair

  3. Un bel gioco… Divertenti…. Bel organizato… Per me forza del meglieur gioco. Solo che El costa della partita più alto della vincita……

  4. Spero che l’Organizatione me capiti….. Per che siete El meglieure de tutti….. Forza solitaire Grand Harvest…

  5. This works perfectly on my iPad. The only thing is, when you actually connect back to the game server online, sometimes (not always), you get a message saying it is uploading your progress or something, and it readjusts your coin balance to whatever it was the last time you were connected. Ie: I had 6000 or so coins, I did this trick, loaded myself up to somewhere around 80000. I played offline for maybe 30000 coins and needed to connect to their servers, to accessible building a city things, or whatever. As soon as I connected, I got the uploading my progress message. It only took 30 seconds or whatever, but when it was done, it let me keep my actual progress in the game, but pulled my credit balance back to the original 6000 or so. But, then I did it over and over again, without any problem, then suddenly the message would come up again, and I’d lose all my thousands of coins I had accumulated. When I can only load 2805 coins at a time, it takes a little while to get up to 80000 to have it yanked right back from me. It’s like, awwww man ! But I am very grateful for this trick, because after first seeing this webpage, I think I played 14 hours straight, which I would never have been able to afford. So thanx a sh*tload for the information ! Now, if only I could find something similar for bingo blitz, I’d be happier than a pig in shit !!


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