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In Japan, came up with a bed for gamers

The Japanese manufacturer of “gaming” chairs and tables Bauhütte has expanded its range with another product – a “gaming” bed.  According to The Verge, this piece of furniture in its entirety costs a thousand dollars.

The gaming bed itself is a single clamshell that slides out from under the computer desk and replaces the chair – so the monitor is at the feet of the gamer.  But for a better gaming experience, the company recommends purchasing additional peripherals, which include shelves for snacks and energy drinks, stands for devices, a pillow, and even pajamas with a hat.  A suspicious ointment can also be seen in the photo from the press release.

Only the restroom and shower were not transferred to the bed, but since the furniture is modular, this issue is easy to solve.  The set and its individual parts are available on the Bauhütte website, where you can also purchase other sets of the game table.

In Japan, introduced a bed for gamers.


The device called BGB-100FA is designed for comfortable playing while lying down.

The bed was designed by Bauhutte.  The bed is equipped with a special electric drive, which allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of some parts.  You can also adjust the height.  Fixed legs are responsible for stability.  The bed can withstand weight up to 200 kg.

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The manufacturer allows you to purchase a bed frame for $ 485 (about 40 thousand rubles) or a complete set, that is, with a mattress.  This option will cost 685 dollars (55 thousand rubles).

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